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Market Scan is extraordinary and leads the Fintech revolution because of the pride, commitment and talent of our team.

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Market Scan Team

What gives Market Scan an edge is a group of brilliant minds who understand automotive. We are serious about what we do and contribute – but don’t take ourselves too seriously. Market Scan is extraordinary and leads the Fintech revolution because of the pride, commitment and talent of our team.

Market Scan Philosophy

"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of extraordinary people."

Rusty West

President & Co-founder

Stephen Smythe

Chief Executive Officer

Brent Taylor

Chief Operating Officer

Nick Kulyk

Chief Technology Officer

Jose Galvan

Chief Data Officer

Carsten Preisz

Chief Marketing Officer

Matt Hermann

Chief Financial Officer

Paula Chermela

Executive Director of Human Resources

Market Scan Sales Team

Robert Mancha

Director of Strategic Accounts



Joey Imparato

Vice President of Sales & Performance Management



Vincenzo Esposito

Regional Sales Executive



BJ Conklin

Regional Sales Executive



Erik Vigil

Regional Sales Executive



Derrick Griggs

Senior Account Executive



David Laboriel

Senior Account Executive



George Callanan

Account Executive



Javier Damian

Account Executive



Market Scan Office Staff

Trisha Samseli

Executive Assistant

Alice Hachee

Executive Assistant

Molly Drexelius

Manager of Lease Data

Gerardo Racine

Manager of Retail Data

Tyler Jensen

Senior Data Analyst

Jiaying Liao

Data Analyst

Khiem Pham

Data Analyst

Leonardo Torres

Data Analyst

Melissa Valdivia

Data Analyst

Forest Zhang

Data Analyst

Matthew Shellnut

Data Analyst

Elisa Hernandez

Data Analyst

Gilberto Eguino

Data Analyst

Mark Young

Data Analyst

Wendy Rubalcava

Data Analyst

Adrian Anon

Director of Development

Pavel Kovalev

Senior Developer

Simi Thomas

Senior Developer

Jose Juan Navaro

Senior Developer

Jennifer Kiffe

Senior Developer

Neil Thomson

Corporate Field Trainer

Ryan Henry

Director of I.T.

Roberto Chavez Jr.

Director QA/API Support

Alfredo Aguilera

API/QA Support Representative

Emmanuel Mendez

API/QA Support Representative

Andrew de Neve

QA/API Support

Eldor Ergashov

QA Engineer

Jorge Aguilar

API/QA Support Representative

Johneil Briones

Integration & Data Support

Christopher Pineda

Tech Support Representative

Troy Smock

Director of Product Innovation

Deanne Wilson

Project Manager

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