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For the past three decades, Market Scan has invested hundreds of millions of dollars creating the Industry's most comprehensive and dynamic database of lender programs, OEM rebates & incentives - and every rule, parameter, policy and factor than can influence an automotive sale or lease transaction. This database is larger and more robust than the databases of all of Market Scan's competitors - combined!

Our industry-leading competency has set the standard and we continue to lead the Fintech revolution through our ever-evolving portfolio of state-of-the-art products geared towards improving automotive retailing.

We Track the Five Critical Market Sectors

The five main sectors of the market that need to be accurately represented and considered in every offer presented to a consumer are:

  1. Manufacturer: Every vehicle, model and trim offered by every OEM; all of their respective incentives and rebates including all of their compatibility and “stackability” rules, as well as VIN-specific, targeted offers.
  2. Lender: Every program offered by every lender in the Country, including every parameter, policy and factor that can influence any automotive transaction.
  3. Dealer: Each dealer’s individual fee structure, packs, vehicle mark-ups, lender relationships and specific reserve policies.
  4. Municipality: All state, county, and local laws, rules, regulations, tax percentage rates and proper tax calculations.
  5. Consumer: All consumer credit bands, and how those are segmented and considered by every OEM and Lender. Market Scan tracks and continuously updates every program, incentive, parameter, policy, factor and rule that can influence an automotive sale or lease transaction.
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The Most Powerful and Comprehensive Desking Solution Ever Created, Bar None!

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The Industry’s most advanced and comprehensive desking solution – access and analyze far more lender offerings, far more rebates and incentives, and all possible scenarios from sub-prime to super-prime. Be more competitive, more accurate, more compliant and more transparent.

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Deal Presentation Tool Unlike Any Other.

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The industry’s first fully-digital and completely interactive multiple-offer presentation and negotiation tool. It streamlines the dealership showroom sales process and dramatically improves customer satisfaction – never leave your customer unattended.

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The Most In-Depth and Comprehensive Database and Calculation Technology.

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Incorporate and host mScanAPI - the most industry's most comprehensive database and calculation engine - within your own branded environment. Timely and accurate rates, residuals, rebates, incentives, tax policies, lender and OEM program information and dealer preferences are critical elements to any deal.

mScanAPI will enable you to win more business, retain more businesss, and present complete and the most comptetitive offerings in every market - every time!


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Helps Every Customer Acquire the Perfect Vehicle From Your Inventory.

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mDrive accurately answers the consumer’s age-old question - “What Can I Drive?” mDrive takes everything into consideration to provide a consumer with a list of vehicles that meet his or her criteria and preferences, based upon:

  • Consumer's Credit Score
  • Consumer’s Budget
  • Consumer’s Driving Habits
  • Dealership’s Terms and Conditions for Each Scenario
  • Dealership’s Lender Relationships
  • Manufacturer’s Rebates and Incentives
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Eliminate the Disconnect Between Payments Quoted Online and In-Store.

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Easily control your entire online payment quoting presence – ensure that every payment quoted on your vehicles (from any source) reflects your exact fee structure, profit margins and Penny-Certain accuracy.

Minimize Your Effort - Maximize Your Return

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Market Scan tracks and continuously updates every program, incentive, parameter, policy, factor and rule that can influence an automotive sale or lease transaction.