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Eliminate the Disconnect Between Payments Quoted Online and In-Store.

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Eliminate the Payment Disconnect

This problem exists because the on-line shopping sites that quote payments on dealerships’ behalf are not respecting the terms and conditions under which dealers are willing to do business.

Every dealership has its unique inventory, lender affiliations and quoting rules. To calculate an accurate payment, all factors must be considered correctly to ensure all outward quotes are consist from platform to platform, as well as in the dealership.

Market Scan’s mPortal fixes this problem by providing your dealership with a single repository where all of your selling rules can be housed and managed. All you have to do is insist that your rules are honored.


Better buying experience and more customer friendly.


Better buying experience and more customer friendly.

Why mPortal?

It's your inventory, have it quoted your way!

A Better Customer Experience

mPortal will lead to an improved customer experience when quotes received online and in person are the same

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Take Control

Easily manage your entire online payment quoting presence; Eliminate confusion and quote consistently online and in store

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Fees and Mark Ups

Ensure that every payment quoted on YOUR vehicles (via any source) reflects YOUR exact fee structure, profit margins and Penny-Certain™ accuracy

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mDrive will help you retain and increase your business!

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mDrive will help you retain and increase your business!

Eliminates Incorrect Price Quotes

There is absolutely no reason why the customer should still be quoted payments, which are “ball-park” estimated and either get them upset because they’re told that the payments in fact are higher than the initial prices quoted or turned-off because the prices quoted turn out to be too high. In the latter case, chances are you won’t even see the customer in the showroom! mPortal eliminates this problem completely!

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mPortal Gives You Easy Control of All Critical Factors
In Order For...

  • ALL of your fees, packs, specific mark-ups, as well as your lender relationships;
  • ALL of each of your lender’s specific programs and rules;
  • ALL available rebates and incentives, and all of the compatibility rules and VIN-specific logic;
  • ALL taxation rates and calculation methodologies for all markets in which you operate (and your consumers reside);
  • ALL possible consumer credit scenarios.

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