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mScope® is the ONLY analytics solution that empowers OEMs to design precise and targeted incentive and rebate programs - in REAL-TIME

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If you had a crystal ball, giving you the ability to see what effect your rebate and incentive spend would have – would you change your business practice? If we give you tens of $$ millions of reasons – why wouldn’t you!

mScope® was designed to eliminate a major pain for automotive manufacturers: How to capture market share without unnecessarily spending tens or even hundreds of millions in incentive, rebate and subvention support.

The current OEM practice is to use last month’s and outdated, historic data to design and publish new market support programs.

Educated guess work may feel right when historical data sets are being analyzed; however, the cost to the OEMs of not implementing analytics that combine real-time science, technology and data is hundreds of millions of dollars.

mScope® is the only Scientifically Perfect Solution™ that eliminates that guesswork. Instead of looking back, mScope® assesses the competitive position and price for each model variant, in every market - in real-time.

mScope® is the only analytics solution that enables OEMs to create and publish their incentive, rebate, finance and lease subvention programs with scientific precision to achieve the desired sales volume and market share –without overspending.

mScope® is a “real-time” crystal ball solution and represents a quantum leap forward in OEM incentive, rebate and subvention management.

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The “Target Acquisition®” functionality, powered by Market Scan’s proprietary technology, is a game changer!

The magic behind mScope® is Target Acquisition® which empowers the OEMs to define exactly where they wish to be positioned in the market place.

Target Acquisition® enables the user to dynamically adjust the blend of rebate, incentive, rate, residual value and even acquisition fee necessary to achieve their desired competitive position for each model.

By doing so, the OEM can, with an extremely high level of granularity, determine the precise structure required to influence consumer behavior and buy market share for the exact right price.

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If you are interested in knowing the competitive position of your lease and retail finance offers compared to those of your competition – in every U.S. market – our solutions will give you that insight immediately, dynamically and 24/7.

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