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Until now, a Dealer has been unable to substantiate whether the sales transactions in his dealership maximized the store’s profit potential. How does a dealer know that he is getting every penny out of every transaction? Let Market Scan help.

Through our new partnership with StoneEagle we have launched mProve Diagnostics, a revolutionary new diagnostics tool that analyzes every element of every transaction completed by a dealership. This analysis will show exactly where the profit opportunities exist, and how much money was "left on the table."


Improve Your Bottom Line.


Improve Your Bottom Line.

Why mProve?

mProve will show you how to stop the bleeding!

Revealing Analysis

mProve performs a thorough review of every sales transaction and the diagnosis will show you exactly how each deal should have been constructed to improve the gross profit of the deal. Paired with mDesking, you no longer need to question the structure of your deals

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Take Control

Until now, dealers have been able to substantiate if their deals were executed optimally - put mProve to the test and use it to change routines and maximize profit - on each deal

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mProve will add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line – without selling more cars than you do now!

Maximize Profit On Each Deal

Statistically, in most dealerships, 80% of all transactions are pretty good with only marginal room for improvement. However, 20% of your transactions are likely processed using the wrong lender program, the wrong rebate stack, the wrong structure, or a combination of these. In those 20% of your deals, you are likely sustaining tens of thousands of dollars of missed gross profit opportunities (losses). In a recent study, these losses, when spread across the entire dealership sales volume, amounted to more than $500 per car retailed.

The math is shocking; if you sell 200 cars per month, you may be leaving $100,000 per month on the table – and more than $1,000,000+ annually! Think about that!

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“If you're not using Market Scan, it’s costing you money.”

Paul Ciriello, General Sales Manager, Cadillac of Mahwah

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