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Automotive Payments as
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The most critical element of successful automotive commerce is getting the consumer’s payment right – every time. An optimal consumer experience can only be achieved by artfully combining science, technology and all relevant data.

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Market Scan has perfected the art of generating the Scientifically Perfect Payment Solution™ for any conceivable automotive transaction.

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By seamlessly combining Science, Technology, and Data, Market Scan’s Automotive Payments as a Service™ platform integrates every parameter, policy and factor that can influence a lease, finance, balloon, or cash purchase transaction into the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive calculation engine.

Market Scan has perfected the art of generating the very best available, fundable and defendable penny perfect payment – the true Scientifically Perfect Payment Solution™ for any conceivable automotive transaction.

The applications for Market Scan’s APaaS™ solutions are limited only by one’s imagination. Ad Tech, Digital Retailing, Dealership Management Systems, OEM & Lender Analytics are just a few examples of how this revolutionary technology can be used to transform the industry.

Market Scan’s position in the industry has always been, and continues to be, neutral. We do not compete with partners or clients; rather, we work tirelessly with them to create solutions designed to evolve automotive commerce.

Generating an accurate, fully comprehensive consumer payment is unbelievably complicated. There are literally thousands of factors and millions of computations required to determine the very best payment. Market Scan’s APaaS™ solution is the only technology capable of accomplishing this in real-time!

Whether it’s presenting the consumer with the very best fundable, defendable, and transactable penny perfect payments for top of funnel advertising or generating contracts in the finance office, our Scientifically Perfect Payment Solutions™ empower all companies focused on any step of the sales process to compete at an optimum level:

Our solutions integrate seamlessly with any technology to provide real-time, on-demand calculations with a single API call.

Creating generic ad campaigns is no longer effective. Our APaaS™ platform generates accurate, all-inclusive, VIN-specific payments that properly influence consumer behavior.

Blending 30+ years of industry intelligence with Market Scan’s revolutionary analytics solutions, provides Scientifically Perfect Payment™ insight into market conditions and competitive positioning. By completely removing all guesswork, this magical combination empowers any lender or OEM to gain coveted market share with scientific precision.

Our award-winning retail solutions help personalize the consumer experience, taking the dealer’s terms and conditions fully into account.

Any solution that is less than perfect has an immediate adverse impact on the consumer experience resulting in:

  1. The consumer paying too much per month for what they are driving
  2. The consumer driving a lesser vehicle than what they can afford
  3. The consumer simply passing on the transaction because it doesn’t fit their budget

Two keystones in our APaaS™ foundation are without equal in the industry; they will empower you to present your customers with Scientifically Perfect Payments™ – every time!

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