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Scientifically perfect Auto Payment Calculator

Market Scan’s lease and finance auto payment calculation technology exclusively provides Scientifically Perfect Payment Solutions™
– every time.

A Scientifically Perfect Payment Solution™ is the very best Penny Perfect auto payment for any conceivable automotive transaction.

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One thing that matters more than anything for car buyers today is to get succinct and consistent answers to the questions, “How much down”, “For how many months” (the term), and “What’s my payment?”

What matters the most is to be able to present the consumer with an all-inclusive and fully fundable car lease or finance auto payment. It’s what we refer to as a Scientifically Perfect Solution™.

And by the way – consumers expect to be presented with the same auto payments irrespective of where they shop. If you cannot do that, the consumer will most likely shop elsewhere.

A scientifically perfect consumer lease or car payment can only be achieved by artfully combining Science, Technology, and Data

What does it take to calculate an auto payment correctly? Calculating auto payments requires taking all necessary data fully into account, leveraging dealer and consumer data in our Scientifically Perfect Payment Solutions™. That data must be accessible in real-time to support on-demand auto lease and loan payment calculations, which are generated by our industry-leading auto payment calculator technology.

Increase Profitability and Gain Market Share

There is EXACTLY one Scientifically Perfect Payment Solution™ for any conceivable automotive transaction. Any auto payment solution that is less than perfect invariably results in lost revenue and overlooked opportunities.

Establish Market Dominance with Scientific Precision!

On average, the Scientifically Perfect Payment Solution™ is 25% better than the most common Penny Perfect automotive payment solutions.

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Let us show you how our Scientifically Perfect Payment Solutions™ will make you relevant with consumers and help improve your bottom line.

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