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The Gold Standard
in Data

“Big Data
without Science
is Just Noise”

Rusty West, President
& CEO of Market Scan

Market Scan’s database is the Gold Standard by which all others are measured. It is the most timely, accurate, and comprehensive repository of payment-centric data in the world.

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Market Scan employs agile development techniques to electronically aggregate Manufacturer, Lender, Municipality, and Dealership Data and accurately applies all of this data to any conceivable consumer scenario.


All Rebates, Incentives, and Stackability Rules are electronically aggregated. Every new and used vehicle for the past two decades is accurately represented (year, make, model, trim, cost, MSRP, shipping, gas guzzler, bore, stroke, number of cylinders, EPA mileage, laden weight, GVWR, etc.).


Every parameter, policy & factor that can influence a lease, finance, or balloon note payment from every lender that has a published program is electronically aggregated (rate, residual value, bank fee, low mileage enhancements, high mileage deductions, zero-standard-multiple security deposit policies, max advance, max rate, rate participation, hard/soft adds, etc.)


Every law, rule, regulation, calculation methodology, tax percentage rate, and the registration fee is included.


All terms and conditions under which every participating dealer is willing to transact are housed for each respective rooftop (inventory, selling price rules by vehicle, available lenders, dealer-defined fees, DMS calculation settings, quoting preferences, etc.).


Automatically apply all loyalty and conquest incentives based on trade-in or current vehicle. Accurately evaluate all available consumer credit criteria and apply all published lender buying policies and practices to predict “call-backs”.

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