Scientifically Perfect Payments

One of Market Scan’s core competencies is our cloud-based calculation engine, and our ability to calculate dynamic and compliant finance and lease payments in milliseconds.

More than 9 billion Penny Certain™ payment calculations monthly are testament to the limitless bandwidth of our engine, which powers more than 10,800 rooftops. The unique payment calculation functionality characteristics that set our engine apart provide significant benefits for our clients:

  • Completeness of data considered

  • Accuracy

  • Speed – calculation queries render immediate results

  • Reliability

We guarantee each payment calculation is a Scientifically Perfect Solution™; the payment calculations we provide are:

  • All-inclusive – everything is considered

  • Personalized – to the specific consumer, vehicle, and dealership

  • Penny Certain™ – most competitive and most accurate payments

  • Compliant – with every regulation and law

  • Transactable – absolutely complete and Scientifically-Perfect

  • Fully fundable – meets all OEM, Lender, and Municipality criteria

  • Defendable – audit-proof!

When looking for an automotive payment calculator, consider this:

Market Scan has been the leader in automotive payment technology for more than three decades.

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Our Automotive Payments as a Service™ (APaaS™) platform enables any provider to provide the modern and consistent retailing experience consumers prefer – online and in the store including sales tax and registration fees in every zip code in the country. This empowers the provider to present the consumer with personalized, location-correct, VIN-specific and all-inclusive payments, taking all factors into account.

API Payment Delivery

Whether you are a Digital Retailer, an Ad or Marketing Agency, a CRM company, or anything in-between, our APaaS TM platform delivers custom-calculated, all-inclusive monthly finance and lease consumer payments.

Based on your criteria and needs, our mScanAPI® answers your API call automatically and immediately so you can present the consumer with the very best dynamic and fully compliant Scientifically Perfect payments – across every touchpoint and every channel, including the store. Running generic ads or presenting the consumers with different payments for the same car makes no sense and only amplifies the dreaded disconnect consumers loathe. mScanAPI® integrates seamlessly with your technology and fixes that.

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Let us do the heavy lifting so you can seamlessly and easily quote the most competitive, Penny Certain™ and fully compliant payments for each vehicle and every consumer in every market.

Call us today or use our contact form so we can demonstrate how our mScanAPI® can be integrated into your existing technology, (866) 658-7226

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