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Market Scan Is Teaming up With Tekion

Market Scan ® and Tekion Partner to Revolutionize Automotive Retail Desking

Tekion chooses Market Scan as its Partner and Supplier of Industry Data and Payment Calculation Technology as a critical and key Component to its Cloud-Native Dealer Management System

Market Scan Information Systems, Inc., an industry-leading automotive solutions and data provider, today announced it has teamed up with Tekion, the automotive industry’s first and fastest cloud-native Dealer Management System. Through the partnership, Tekion’s Sales module will be powered with Market Scan’s mScanAPI solution – the industry’s leading database and payment calculation technology.

“Technology continues to reshape the future of dealership operations,” said Market Scan President and co-Founder, Rusty West. “Tekion’s cloud-native DMS, Automotive Retail Cloud, is a testament to that. Market Scan’s mScanAPI is a superb match for their revolutionary new DMS. mScanAPI gives Tekion’s dealership customers access to the industry’s best data and calculations. These work seamlessly together to generate scientifically perfect solutions for the dealership and consumer.”

“This alliance is consistent with Market Scan’s mission to evolve automotive commerce by combining science, technology and data to transform the industry. We are very excited to play a pivotal role in Tekion’s go-to-market efforts.”

Tekion chose Market Scan because of their unique and proprietary software, data, analytics and calculation technology. Only Market Scan electronically tracks all of the data in the five critical sectors of the market – manufacturer, lender, dealer, municipality and consumer.

“We are proud to partner with Market Scan to develop an unrivaled Desking experience within Automotive Retail Cloud through mScanAPI,” said Napoleon Rumteen, Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations at Tekion. “We vow to always deliver the best experience to our dealer partners and consumers. Our partnership with Market Scan will do just that. Market Scan has proven to be the industry leader in accurate vehicle payment calculations by combining science, technology and data which aligns very well with Tekion’s mission to build the world’s best business applications on the cloud. We are delighted to integrate this cutting-edge technology into our seamless, cloud-native platform.”

To learn more about Market Scan, visit www.marketscan.com. For more information about Tekion’s automotive retail cloud, visit visit www.tekion.com.

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For additional information, articles or interviews please contact: Market Scan at info@marketscan.com

Market Scan was founded in 1988 by Father-Son team Russell and Rusty West with a single vision: build a world-class desking platform to fit every customer’s financing and leasing needs like a driving glove while returning the highest profit margin possible to the dealership.

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