The Successful Consumer Buying Experience Must Include Accurate and Consistent Payment Quotes at All Touchpoints Along the Buying Journey!

Advertising and marketing agencies can and should play a key role in a much improved, modern retailing experience; an experience that is accurate, consistent, and leads to a completed transaction. For you to provide this, you will need access to much better and more complete data, plus more accurate calculations that take every necessary element – and the consumer – into consideration.

After all, garbage in = garbage out! We can help you fix that!

A “ballpark” or stripped-down payment presented through advertising or an online presence, which doesn’t include all pertinent and required data, taxes, and fees, will inevitably lead to a different, and generally much higher, payment being presented in the store – destroying trust in the retailer and overall process.

In a recent survey that we conducted, nearly 50% of consumers said they would walk away from the deal if the online or advertised monthly payment quote is different from what they receive in the dealership. Imagine if the price you were provided when shopping on Amazon changed when you went to check out. Would you be OK with that? How many consumers would accept that?! So why does the industry think that it’s OK if a certain lease or finance payment presented online is different when the consumer is ready to transact, either online or in the store?!

To be relevant today, any company involved in automotive retailing must be able to offer a more convenient, consistent, and frictionless consumer-centric shopping experience. Our mScanAPI® can help you make that happen!

  • Provide the consumer a personalized experience and real, transactable payment quote(s) based on available inventory
  • Easily manage and incorporate ALL of the data: all OEM programs (incentives, rebates, subvention), all lenders’ offerings, correct tax & registration fee calculations to provide the consumers with the best pricing & payments

  • Eliminate the historical misalignment between marketing messages and payment quotes from a dealership

  • Actually build and preserve trust in the consumer-retailer relationship: improve sales efficiency, closed deals, and CSI scores

  • Overcome the challenge to manage local vs. national programs
  • Know and properly apply the selling dealership’s quoting rules

  • Personalize/customize payments based on dealer inventory & location

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mScanAPI®, the heartbeat within the Automotive Payments as a Service™ platform, helps achieve your client’s objectives and increases the consumer’s trust by providing payment quotes that are all-inclusive and fully-transactable. Equally important is that these payments are consistent all along the shopping/buying journey.

Let us help you provide: Personalized, consistent, accurate, and all-inclusive payments which seamlessly fit into omnichannel applications – and generate sales. Only mScanAPI® takes every critical data point into account from all Five main sectors of the market:

  • Manufacturer – All incentives and rebates properly applied

  • Lender – Every published offering from every lender

  • Retailer – Each dealer’s quoting rules and selling criteria

  • Municipality – All taxes and registration fees for entire U.S.

  • Consumer – Every possible scenario for every credit profile

mScanAPI® will enable you to provide consumer payment quotes that are:

  • Customized to a consumer or consumer scenario

  • Accurate – to the penny

  • Compliant – with all regulations

  • All-inclusive – including Tax & Registration fee calculations

  • Fully-Transactable, Fundable and Defendable

  • Seamlessly integrated into your technology

  • Always available to you with no “dark-to-market” periods

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Let us help you do the job you were hired to perform. mScanAPI® will empower you to seamlessly and easily advertise or quote the most competitive, Penny Certain™ and fully compliant payments for each vehicle and every consumer in every market – every time.

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