Lender Analytics beyond Comparison

mGauge’s analytics is without equal in the industry; it eliminates the guesswork that has made up legacy decision-making for years.

One of the biggest challenges automotive lenders have is to understand the company’s competitive position relative to peers and maintain competitive programs to maximize market share. mGauge® empowers you to know graphically and in minutes – and truly understand – how competitive your programs are.

With the market intel mGauge® provides, you will be able to select the right blend of rate and residual values to generate the right payment for each automobile customer.

The Most Important Thing? How the World sees YOU – Not how you see the World

mGauge® helps you understand how you are seen by the outside world. With that knowledge, you will be able to assess how competitive your market support program is in REAL-TIME and for every credit tier and vehicle – in all 50 U.S. states. You will be able to achieve your commercial objectives with precision and at the right cost!

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mGauge® offsets many challenges and problems, and the benefits are significant:

  • Takes the guesswork out of creating competitive loan/lease products to optimize your car market analysis
  • In minutes, it provides better market intelligence than a team of market analysts can gather in weeks – freeing your analysts for loftier pursuits

  • Empowers you to identify and optimize areas where you should increase or decrease program spend

  • Allows you to improve cost control, enhance program performance and optimize your dealer and market support programs

  • Provides visibility of how competitive your market support program is for every credit tier and vehicle – and how your programs stack up nationally, regionally, and in every local market in the Country

  • Using mGauge Target Acquisition® enables you to quickly and easily design and deploy optimal lease and loan scenarios for every potential new and used vehicle

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The Target Acquisition® functionality within mGauge® is a Market Scan exclusive; it enables lenders to determine the ideal competitive position and the exact rate and residual value combinations to acquire a target customer for every desired vehicle and term. It empowers the lenders to attract the very consumers and vehicle portfolio you desire, thus achieving the desired sales volume and market share – at the right cost.

For your Digital Retailing Efforts, and how to influence the consumer’s path to purchase – we can help you too!

Car buyers almost universally turn to the internet to do their research, browsing, and shopping. It is in your interest that your lease or finance offer is being considered from the beginning of the consumer’s shopping journey in digital retailing automotive. Whether you are a Captive lender, Independent, or Credit Union, it is your objective to help move the consumer down their path to purchase, and to secure their finance or lease business. The critical key to that is to offer transparent calculation and financing tools that support lease, loan, and payment call applications designed to drive loan applications.

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Our mScanAPI® solution can deliver finance-ready customers right to your dealer partners.

Credit applications and payment calculations are the foundation of online car buying. If you try to build a digital retailing offering on a foundation that is not complete or solid, it will lead to major issues and risks throughout the deal process.

Our mScanAPI® can help establish your efficient financing workflows and precise, all-inclusive payment calculations that will help mitigate risks. As part of our Automotive Payments as a Service™ platform, our solutions empower you to provide your clients or retailers with what they need to offer the improved online experience their shoppers expect.

Our integrated API payment calculations will help deliver your modern retailing offer – irrespective of where the consumer is shopping, online, or in the store! Furthermore, it doesn’t matter where the customer resides. Our database contains registration tax info for every zip code in the country. That empowers you to present personalized geolocation-specific payments.

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What problems can we solve for you?

Let us do the heavy lifting so you can seamlessly and easily quote the most competitive, Penny Certain™ and fully compliant payments for each vehicle and every consumer in every market.

Call us today or use our contact form so we can demonstrate how mScanAPI® can be integrated into your existing or planned technology — (866) 658-7226

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