If You Are Performing Competitive Analysis Using Last Month’s Historical Data, Let Us Help You. Make More Insightful and Profitable Decisions Dynamically – In Real Time.

We know one of your biggest challenges is to understand your competitive position relative to peers and maintain competitive programs to maximize your market share. We aggregate the complex data you need in real-time to provide you access to every published lease and retail finance program, for every credit tier and vehicle.

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Our mGauge® empowers you to take full advantage of our complete data set. You will know graphically and in minutes – and truly understand – how competitive your programs are. By having complete visibility of how you are seen by the outside world, you are now uniquely and optimally in a position to maximize your market penetration.

The Target Acquisition® functionality within mGauge® is a game changer – it enables you to determine the ideal competitive position and will show you the exact rate and residual value combinations to use for acquiring a particular target for every desired vehicle and term.

Say goodbye to expensive technology challenges with a one-stop-shop ecosystem that eliminates the pricing guesswork that has made up legacy decision-making strategies for years.

Now you can adjust portfolios based on real-time and dynamic data to get a 360-degree view of the exact rate, residual, incentive, and rebate to generate the right payment each customer needs.

Our advanced technology will help you eliminate some of your biggest problems:

  • Ensure you are offering competitive programs to retain relationships and acquire more customers

  • Understand market based competitive position & programs each month to support OEMs & dealers to move inventory

  • Increase dealer portfolio market share at the lowest incentive cost

  • Project profit through simulated scenarios where residuals and rates are being adjusted

  • Know what market subvention programs and support competitors will provide their dealers in upcoming month

  • Get insight into dealer cash options, MSRP to Payment comparison

  • Obtain visibility of OEM captive finance and other lenders’ programs

  • Learn how to not buy too much of a certain make and model

  • Gain technology resources that can do this type of competitive analysis and heavy lifting

And so much more!

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