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The optimal Consumer Experience must include accurate and consistent Payment Quotes at all Touchpoints along the Buying Journey!

Print & Digital campaigns can now be produced with Scientific Precision.

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Be Relevant

Consumers have come to expect a convenient, consistent, and frictionless shopping experience. That is exactly what Market Scan’s APaaS™ solutions deliver.

Eliminate Consumer Frustration

Unfortunately, it has become the norm to present consumers with different payment quotes, for the same vehicle, along the buying journey. This is absolutely unnecessary and results in a frustratingly negative shopping experience. Our APaaS™ solutions eliminate that frustration by serving up all-inclusive, consistent, and identical payment quotes at every touchpoint.

Generic Offers are part of the Problem!

Generic offers exacerbate the consumer’s frustration! By providing consumers with real, transactable payment quotes that take EVERYTHING into consideration, an optimal shopping experience can now be achieved.

Build Trust

Historically, dealerships and sales professionals have faced a lack of consumer confidence; our solutions unquestionably remove the historical misalignment between marketing messages and payment quotes. In a time with massive changes in retailing, regaining consumer trust is paramount.

Provide all-inclusive Payment Quotes

Prices presented in national ads can be misleading, irrelevant, and detrimental to the consumer experience. With Market Scan’s APaaS™ solutions, scientific precision in advertising can now be achieved. Every campaign can now accurately represent all OEM rebates, lender programs, taxes & fees, and all terms and conditions under which every participating dealer is willing to transact.

Dramatically improve Advertising Precision without doing any heavy Lifting

Market Scan’s APaaS™ solutions can be implemented in a “low-code” or “no-code” manner eliminating the need to consume precious development resources.

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Let us help you do the job you were hired to do. We will empower you to improve the consumer’s buying experience by seamlessly advertise or quote the most competitive and fully compliant payments for each vehicle and every consumer – in every market.

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