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If You Had a Crystal Ball, Giving You the Ability to See What Effect Your Rebate and Incentive Spend Would Have – Would You Change Your Business Practice? If We Give You Tens of $$ Millions of Reasons – Why Wouldn’t You!

Historically, one of the biggest challenges OEMs have is to structure their incentive and rebate programs for their lease and finance offers to optimize the competitive position for each model offered and achieve the desired market penetration and market share.

OEMs’ sales volume and market share are a function of product appeal and how much is spent to influence consumer behavior. How OEMs determine rebates and incentives is flawed, ineffective – and simply outdated!

Our analytics solutions mGauge® and mScope® represent a quantum leap forward in OEM incentive, rebate, and subvention management.

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mGauge® analyzes the competitive offers of all the different lending institutions for a particular vehicle in every market, in REAL-TIME. With that in-market competitive insight, an OEM can craft precise and highly targeted programs that achieve optimal competitive positioning.

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Our new analytics solution, mScope® revolutionizes the methodology by which manufacturers manage incentive, rebate, and subvention programs.

Instead of looking back, mScope® assesses the current in-market competitive position and price for each model variant, in every market, and in REAL-TIME.

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mScope® replaces the current OEM practice of using last month and outdated, historic data to design and publish new market support programs. mScope® empowers the OEM to design precise and targeted incentive and rebate programs to capture market share for the exact right cost without spending millions on incentives, rebates, and subvention support, unnecessarily!

mScope® is a one-of-a-kind crystal ball solution: Instead of looking back – assess your position, dynamically and 24/7 – and how much you need to spend to influence consumer behavior, using real-time data!

The “Target Acquisition®” functionality, powered by Market Scan’s proprietary technology, is a game-changer!

The magic behind mGauge® and mScope® is Target Acquisition® which empowers the OEMs to define exactly where they wish to be positioned in the marketplace. Target Acquisition® enables the user to dynamically adjust the blend of the rebate, incentive, rate, residual value, and even acquisition fee necessary to achieve their desired competitive position for each model. By doing so, the OEM can, with an extremely high level of granularity, determine the precise structure required to influence consumer behavior and buy market the share for the exact right price.

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Consumers are individuals – are you providing them a personalized shopping experience? OEMs play a key role in providing consumers with a better online to showroom car buying experience.

Innately, OEMs have a relationship with consumers, who have myriad reasons why they buy into the premise of a particular brand. Allure, exclusivity, value-for-money, etc., the reasons are many. What every consumer has in common, however, is that they are growing more and more impatient with the disparate experience when shopping for a new car; customers simply don’t understand, why the payment they were quoted on the manufacturer’s site or a dealer’s website is different when they get into the store.

In a recent survey that we conducted, nearly 50% of consumers said they would walk away from the deal if the online monthly payment quote is different from what they receive in the dealership.

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Our mScanAPI® can help OEMs and their dealers sell more cars by providing the consumers with precise, VIN-specific payments, accurate to the penny – throughout the consumer’s buying journey: online, across marketing initiatives, and in the showroom.

Our mScanAPI® technology is the heart of our Automotive Payments as a Service™ (APaaS) platform. APaaS™ enables an OEM to provide the modern and consistent retailing experience consumers prefer – online and in the store. APaaS™ also correctly calculates sales tax and registration fees in every zip code in the Country. This empowers an OEM to present the consumer with personalized, location-correct, VIN-specific payments, taking all factors into account – including, if applicable, the selling dealer’s terms and conditions, under which that dealer is willing to transact.

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Let us help you take the guesswork out of your incentive and rebate management. We can save you millions – let us show you how.

Call us today or use our contact form so we can demonstrate how mScanAPI® can be integrated into your existing or planned technology — (866) 658-7226

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