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The 2021 AWA Review of mDrive 2.0

We are very pleased that we won at the 2021 AWA’s (Automotive Website Awards) and were acknowledged within the Digital Retailing category with the “Rising Star” award for our mDrive 2.0 platform.

The AWA’s were created in 2008 to recognize the best vendors in automotive digital marketing. Since then, the AWA’s have become a benchmark in the automotive industry for recognizing innovative products in digital retailing, marketing automation, sales process, dealer websites, online merchandising, fixed operations, social media, and more. The AWA Review of mDrive 2.0 focuses on how the mDrive 2.0 app literally puts digital retailing in the hands of the dealership sales staff and answers two customer questions: “What can I drive?”, and “What are my payments?”. The flexibility of mDrive 2.0 enables any retailer to integrate the product module into their retailing solution.


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