Webinar Discussing the Importance of Digital Retailing by Rusty West

Automotive retailing in a time of disruption has been turned upside down. COVID-19 has challenged dealers to give digital retailing highest priority. In order for dealers to win the customers’ business, it is now a fundamental necessity to master digital retailing – for a dealer to be able to stay in business.

This webinar will demonstrate how Market Scan’s Digital Retailing solutions can help dealers improve their customer’s car buying experience immediately, including minimizing the time a consumer needs to spend in a dealership – if at all. Consumers want a “clicks-to-bricks” car buying experience, which is consistent online and in-the-store. We will share how to eliminate the current disconnect between quotes shoppers receive online versus what is quoted to them in the showroom.

We will discuss how, when friction points are reduced during the car buying experience, dealers and consumers win. Speed, clarity and transparency during every step in the process – from shopping to trade in, price negotiation to financing – add to the value a retailer brings to the car buying experience, especially when the consumers spend less time in the dealership than what they have experienced before.

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Market Scan was founded in 1988 by Father-Son team Russell and Rusty West with a single vision: build a world-class desking platform to fit every customer’s financing and leasing needs like a driving glove while returning the highest profit margin possible to the dealership.

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