Instantly Calculate and Compare Vehicle Payments

Drive sales with real-time digital payment solutions tailored for both retail and enterprise businesses.

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Through our daily electronic collection of OEM, lender, dealer, and municipality data, we leverage a cloud-based calculation engine to generate over 7 billion lease and finance payment calculations monthly.

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Reduce negotiation time by offering the most competitive vehicle payments. Enhance customer trust and close more deals efficiently.

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OEMs & Lenders

Optimize your spend and amplify the impact of your programs with insights into real-time incentives and vehicle payment calculations.

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Tech Companies

Deliver a seamless car-buying experience that meets your customers’ expectations with unmatched precision and speed.

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  • Dealer Tools

Transparent Customer Experience

Provide consistent payment information across all platforms and offer in-depth insights into the factors affecting each vehicle’s payment calculation.

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  • Analytics

Optimize Incentive Spend

Maintain competitive offers and align with current market dynamics through real-time data analytics.

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  • Digital Retailing

Precise Payment Calculations

Achieve unparalleled accuracy in vehicle payment calculations using comprehensive, geo-specific data.

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Instantly compare vehicle payments and access incentive data to confidently adjust for market competitiveness.


Calculate payments with exact precision, incorporating all current incentives and rebates.


Make informed decisions with the knowledge that Market Scan’s calculation engine has processed data from over 250 unique sources.

How It Works

Simplifying the complex with innovative solutions.

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“Market Scan’s involved in every single transaction that we do. It would be easy for me to recommend Market Scan to anyone who was looking for dependency of data, the amount of data, the accuracy, and timeliness…”

Andrew Walser

CEO, Walser Automotive Group / Co-Executive Chairman, Fuse AutoTech

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