Scientifically Perfect Solutions™ trumps “Penny Perfect” payments – every time!

Every company in automotive commerce is vying for the consumer’s business and it comes down to the payment. How much up front, how much per month, and for how many months – that’s what matters!

Presenting consumers with “Penny Perfect” payments using the wrong program has one of three outcomes:

  • The consumers are paying too much per month

  • They are driving a lesser vehicle than what they can afford

  • They simply pass on the transaction because it doesn’t fit their budget

Scientifically Perfect Solutions™ are what’s required in today’s retail environment! If you don’t take all required data and programs into account, which consider every factor fully, and precisely – you cannot calculate Scientifically Perfect Solutions™! Our APaaS™ platform is the answer!

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Market Scan’s APaaS platform defines a new standard for companies focused on Automotive Commerce and Modern Retailing; our Analytics and Digital Retailing solutions improve competitiveness and help deliver a much enhanced and consistent consumer experience – both online and in the showroom

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Our APaaS™ solutions platform is preferred by the automotive industry leaders and the more than 10,500 rooftops we jointly power.

  • The Industry’s most complete and accurate database coupled with a monstrously powerful cloud-based calculation engine

  • All-inclusive payment calculations which consider every program, rule, credit criteria, parameter, policy, and factor that can influence a transaction, including local, county, and state TAXES & LICENSE FEES for every inch of the Country!
  • Customized API to meet your needs and provide the exact data and calculations for a perfect solution in one API call.

  • Customized and dynamic user experience which is all-inclusive, compliant, VIN-specific for fully transactable, fundable, and defendable payment quotes!

  • Real-time calculations computed in milliseconds.

  • Seamless and customized integration into your technology suite.

  • Intel within – state of the art analytics paired with complete market insight to publish precise, targeted, and competitive incentive, rebate, and subvention programs.

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Every month we calculate more than 7 billion consumer lease and car finance payments for our partners

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Our solutions deliver the science, technology, and data required to serve up complete, all-inclusive, fully-translatable, fundable, and defendable, VIN-specific consumer payments to facilitate automotive digital retailing. Let us show you how!

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