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Market Scan®, now a part of S&P Global Mobility, was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1988 by Father & Son team Russell and Rusty West. Being a pioneer of auto leasing, Russell’s vision inspired Market Scan’s first product, Lease Prophet®. Shortly after launching, Lease Prophet® became an overnight success and put the company on the map. In 1990, Market Scan moved its headquarters to Southern California and rapidly grew into a national company.

Over the past three decades, Market Scan has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in creating the Industry’s most comprehensive and dynamic database of lender programs, OEM rebates & incentives, municipality taxes & fees, and dealership terms and conditions for transacting. In parallel, the company created the industry’s most powerful payment calculation engine.

By mastering data and payment calculations, Market Scan’s emphasis over the last decade has shifted from the single focus of providing retailing solutions exclusively for dealers, to addressing the needs of several verticals within the automotive space. From powering many of the industry’s most prolific disruptors, to providing OEM’s and Lenders cutting edge analytics tools, Market Scan® continues to evolve automotive commerce by combining science, technology, and data to transform the industry.

Market Scan® lives to evolve automotive commerce by combining science, technology and data to transform the industry

We employ agile development techniques to electronically aggregate Manufacturer, Lender, Municipality and Dealership Data and we harness the power of cloud computing to calculate hundreds of millions of Penny Certain™ payments every day

We provide Scientifically Perfect Solutions™ for any conceivable automotive transaction
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Brand Pillars

Market Scan was founded on the premise that there is only one Scientifically Perfect Payment Solution™ for any conceivable automotive transaction, and any solution that is less than perfect is simply unacceptable.

The fundamental elements of our brand are core to who we are and what we do and they have remained consistent for over three decades.

Market Scan’s brand pillars are intrinsically connected; they are paramount to everything we do to ensure we live up to our brand promise.



Our Team

Market Scan® is extraordinary and leads the Fintech revolution because of the pride, commitment and talent of our team.

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Our History

Market Scan® was founded in Atlanta, Georgia by father and son team Russell and Rusty West. Russell was a visionary pioneer of auto leasing.

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Our Careers

We have achieved our industry leader position through a constant drive to innovate, fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit.

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