Transforming Automotive Sales with Data-Driven Excellence

At Market Scan, a part of S&P Global Mobility, we’re revolutionizing the automotive industry. Our mission? To deliver unparalleled access to data, offer real-time payment analytics, and ensure precise vehicle calculations that redefine automotive sales.

We harness the power of comprehensive pricing and incentive data to provide digital payment solutions that set new standards in precision, speed, and scale.

Utilizing a sophisticated cloud-based engine, we process over 7 billion lease and finance payment calculations every month, sourced from daily electronic data collections across OEMs, lenders, dealers, and municipalities.

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Three Decades of Innovation and Insight

For over 30 years, Market Scan has been at the forefront of payment data and analytics, evolving to meet the expanding needs of the automotive sector. From our roots in retailing solutions for dealers to our current wide-reaching role, we offer instant market analytics, actionable insights, and industry-leading technology through our trusted API solutions.

Our commitment to precision, speed, and scale ensures that our partners always stay ahead in vehicle payment calculations.

“Our team collaborates closely with OEMs, dealers, and technology partners to tackle current and future pricing challenges. We believe in long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial, ensuring our data and solutions drive your business success. Together, we’re helping to address everything from today’s affordability crisis to tomorrow’s EV inventory challenges.”

Mark Sandora

VP, Sales – MarketScan

We aim to empower the automotive industry to achieve optimal competitive positioning and deliver precise vehicle payment calculations. Our tools and analytics enable seamless digital retailing, offer fast and accurate payment solutions for dealers, and provide deep insights into pricing strategies for manufacturers and lenders.

We’re dedicated to providing real-time payment data and insights that transform the car buying experience, making it more transparent, efficient, and customer-focused.

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