Market Scan has led the industry with the most advanced retailing and software solutions since 1988, and for us, Digital Retailing is nothing new. Our tradition continues; our modern retailing solutions are anchored in mDrive, which changes the way sales executives interact with consumers - it redefines automotive retailing and delivers a vastly improved customer experience.

Our tradition continues with the introduction of cutting-edge digital retailing solutions, including mDrive app. It will change the way sales staff interact with consumers and will vastly improve the customer experience.

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The award-winning mDrive is designed to complement your existing sales management tools and expedite the sales process. Effectively, mDrive puts a 1st pencil of your entire inventory in the hands of your sales executives and customers - with your sales management in control!

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mDesking 360 takes the power of mDrive and adds our state-of-the-art mDesking to create a true, all-encompassing digital retailing solution. mDesking is Market Scan's legacy product, the most complete and robust desking solution ever creation -
bar none.


For the past three decades, Market Scan has invested hundreds of millions of dollars creating the Industry's most comprehensive and dynamic database of lender programs, OEM rebates & incentives - and every rule, parameter, policy and factor than can influence an automotive sale or lease transaction.


The five main sectors of the market that need to be accurately represented and considered in every offer presented to a consumer are:


Every vehicle, model and trim offered by every OEM; all of their respective incentives and rebates including all of their compatibility and “stackability” rules, as well as VIN-specific, targeted offers.


Every program offered by every lender in the Country, including every parameter, policy and factor that can influence any automotive transaction.


Each dealer’s individual fee structure, packs, vehicle mark-ups, lender relationships and specific reserve policies.


All state, county, and local laws, rules, regulations, tax percentage rates and proper tax calculations.


All consumer credit bands, and how those are segmented and considered by every OEM and Lender. Market Scan tracks and continuously updates every program, incentive, parameter, policy, factor and rule that can influence an automotive sale or lease transaction.

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mDrive is shared across our modern retailing solutions. While the Carvana and Amazon buying experiences have become benchmark standards, mDrive is YOUR dynamic and feature rich sales enabler to effectively present a consumer with the right car at the preferred payment. By providing the customer relevant inventory options right away, you stand a much improved chance to earn more business.

The Moment of Truth & “The Five Minute Rule”

The moment of truth in the automotive retailing is when one of three things happen:

  1. Customer can’t get enough for their trade-in.
  2. When the customer finds out, they can’t afford the vehicle they’re interested in.
  3. The car the customer came in for is no longer available.

When that moment happens, the salesperson has approximately 5 minutes to provide your customer a reasonable option. mDrive is the only technology that can help your sales team present the customer with relevant options. By doing so, you will effectively prevent your customers from walking out, converting more of the missed opportunities into actual sales.

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Why mDrive?

mDrive helps deliver the modern retailing experience to meet – as well as exceed – your customers’ expectations. Of equal importance: it enables sales management to maintain full control over the sales process and to maximize your profit potential on each deal!


  • mDrive works seamlessly with your existing sales mgt. tools - including your existing desking solution - and helps expedite your sales process
  • It shortens the sales process, raises CSI scores and improves sales staff’s effectiveness
  • Safeguards that all payments quoted precisely consider all OEM programs, eliminating deals being kicked by the manufacturer because rebates or incentives were not applied correctly
  • Acts as a sales enabler; helps sell more vehicles with increased customer trust and deal transparency


  • Maximizes gross margin on every deal with management’s full control over first pencil variables
  • Helps engage customers who’d normally leave without a car; mDrive helps showcase options faster and more precisely using your 1st Pencil deal structure; it will help sell more cars!

Improved customer experience

  • Provides a smart and digital transition from online to the showroom, where payments quoted are all inclusive, consistent – and transactable
  • Presents customers with highest value inventory options

How It Works

mDrive enables your sales professionals to instantly create a list of vehicles that meet customer’s interest and preferences. The vehicles are ranked by each vehicle’s PVI - Payment Value Index - the most “bang for their bucks!

All payments quoted are “Penny-CertainTM”, precise and take all terms into account; the transactable results reflect your predefined settings. Sales person can only present what mDrive serves up, which is controlled for each VIN by your back office.

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  • Consumer’s Credit Score
  • Consumer’s budget
  • Consumers driving record
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All payments quoted precisely consider:

  • Dealership’s terms and conditions for each deal scenario
  • Dealership’s lender relationships
  • Manufacturer’s rebates and incentives
  • All mandatory fees
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Show the customer in REAL-TIME the effect of changes in down payment, monthly payment and term. Benefits:

  • Take a close look at dealer’s inventory from a payment lens
  • Pick the preferred car – based on “PVI”
  • Change parameters to accommodate customer
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When the customer has chosen vehicle based on preferred parameters and terms, mDrive pushes the deal directly to the desk in the form of an easy to read PDF.

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White Glove Support

mDrive is designed to deliver the retail experience consumers have come to expect when shopping in general. In order for you to be successful using mDrive, we are prepared to provide you the highest level of service and support, similarly to what the consumers expect from you.

No Hassle Installation

mDrive fits seamlessly into - and complements - your existing sales process. Installing mDrive takes no time. We will help upload your entire inventory and set up your quoting rules, preferred margins, etc. – for each VIN. You can change these setting any time. Note: only dedicated sales management will have the ability to change the quoting rules.

Dedicated Account Manager

We will appoint a dedicated Account Manager from our Customer Success Team to ensure any and all questions will be addressed right away. Onboarding includes training of your staff as proficiency is a key to success.

24/7 Technical Support

We’re there for you whenever you need us. Our commitment to you is to provide the level of service and support we have delivered to the industry for the past 32 years. We provide technical support, literally 24/7!


Case Study

“I have been using Market Scan for over ten years and it makes it so much easier to make a deal.”

JJ Wilkenson, General Manager, Ken Garf Honda

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Broker Edition

Brokers have been an integral part of Market Scan’s client roster since the company was founded. Based on our popular mDesking solution, the Broker Edition provides Brokers a complete solution to service their discerning customers.

We invite Brokers to contact us for specific details.

mDesking 360 and mDrive SYNC offer digital retailing solutions with distinct advantages for dealerships – and your customers.

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mDrive SYNC, comprised of mDrive and mPortal, sets a new Standard in Automotive Digital Retailing.

  • Control every element and eliminate the current disconnect between the payment quotes that shoppers receive online and those quoted to them in the showroom
  • Facilitate Trust and dramatically improve the Consumer-to-Salesperson interaction and relationship
  • Significantly shorten the sales transaction times while providing greater clarity and transparency during every step in the process
  • Instantly answer every consumer’s question: “What Can I Drive?” and give consumers, salespeople and managers a listing of every vehicle in dealer’s inventory that fits the shopper’s criteria and budget (both online or during dealership visits)
  • Improve your competitiveness, accuracy, efficiency, profitability, and CSI
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mDesking 360 takes the power of mDrive SYNC and adds our state-of-the-art mDesking and mQuote product modules to create a true, all-encompassing digital retailing solution. mDesking is Market Scan’s legacy product, the most complete and robust desking solution ever created - bar none.

mDrive SYNC and mDesking 360 are beyond compare in the market.


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The Most Powerful and Comprehensive Desking Solution Ever Created, Bar None!

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The Industry’s most advanced and comprehensive desking solution – access and analyze far more lender offerings, far more rebates and incentives, and all possible scenarios from sub-prime to super-prime. Be more competitive, more accurate, more compliant and more transparent.

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Deal Presentation Tool Unlike Any Other.

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The industry’s first fully-digital and completely interactive multiple-offer presentation and negotiation tool. It streamlines the dealership showroom sales process and dramatically improves customer satisfaction – never leave your customer unattended.

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Helps Every Customer Acquire the Perfect Vehicle From Your Inventory.

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mDrive accurately answers the consumer’s age-old question - “What Can I Drive?” mDrive takes everything into consideration to provide a consumer with a list of vehicles that meet his or her criteria and preferences, based upon:

  • Consumer's Credit Score
  • Consumer’s Budget
  • Consumer’s Driving Habits
  • Dealership’s Terms and Conditions for Each Scenario
  • Dealership’s Lender Relationships
  • Manufacturer’s Rebates and Incentives
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Eliminate the Disconnect Between Payments Quoted Online and In-Store.

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Easily control your entire online payment quoting presence – ensure that every payment quoted on your vehicles (from any source) reflects your exact fee structure, profit margins and Penny-Certain™ accuracy.


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Market Scan tracks and continuously updates every program, incentive, parameter, policy, factor and rule that can influence an automotive sale or lease transaction.