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Whether you are an established multi-rooftop service provider or a brand-new online start-up with a great marketing proposition, you need the most accurate, Penny-Certain™ payments. mScanAPI provides exactly what you are looking for, and then some: with ScanAPI, you can host the most comprehensive database and calculation engine in the industry – within your own branded environment – making your products more powerful and compelling.

mScanAPI enables you to win and retain more business and present the most competitive offerings in every market, every time.

Let Market Scan do all of the “heavy lifting” for you. Seamlessly and easily quote the most competitive, Penny-Certain™ and fully compliant payments for each vehicle and every consumer in every market, every time.

mScanAPI takes every critical factor into account, i.e. Manufacturer, Lender, Dealer, Municipality and Consumer.


Payment options taking all factors into account.



Quote Penny-Certain™ accurate and fully-compliant payments

Why mScanAPI?

Because mScanAPI is the most powerful solution of its kind bar none! Our API is powered by the most comprehensive database and proprietary calculation technology in the industry. The challenge you face as a company trying to quote payments to a consumer, either directly, or on behalf of a retailer - is massive. Our API takes EVERY class of data into account in quoting consist Penny-Certain™ payments – both online and in the store. Our API solution fits seamlessly into your technology framework.

WE SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM – it’s that simple!

Immediate Cloud-Based Calculations


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Continually Updated Information


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Data Support


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Custom Configurations


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Database & Calculations

All of the necessary and critical data, our state-of-the-art calculation engine and analysis tool are available to you which enable you to run Penny-Certain™ quotes in a matter of seconds.

mScan API Database room


There is no need to form a data team, form alliances with lenders, or even provide technical support for lease questions – Market Scan does all of the “heavy lifting” for you and gives you the ability to quote Penny-Certain™ accurate and fully-compliant payments based on current rates, residuals, rebates and incentives, tailored for each vehicle and every consumer.

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Variables Considered

Variables considered include: all applicable rebates & incentives, bank fee waivers, payment waivers, security deposit waivers, rate adjustments (specials and standard programs), lender max-advance and rate mark-up policies, tax calculations for all 50 States, and much, much more.

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mScanAPI Feature List

  • Rates – Lease and Finance; Specials and Standard; Sub-Prime to Super-Prime
  • Residuals – All Lenders, All Vehicles, All Regions, All Terms
  • Rebates – National, Regional, Local – Down to the Rooftop and specific VIN
  • Incentives – Dealer and Consumer; OEM and Lender
  • Taxes: Calculations and all application methodologies – for all U.S. Markets
  • Cloud-Based Calculations – mScanAPI is the Industry’s most powerful calculation engine
  • Continually Updated Information
  • World Class Data Support and Complete Documentation
  • Highly Configurable Settings
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“I have been using Market Scan for over ten years and it makes it so much easier to make a deal.”

JJ Wilkenson, General Manager, Ken Garff Honda

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