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Whether you are an established multi-rooftop operator or a brand-new online start-up with a great value proposition, we can help you. Leave the data and technology to us so you can concentrate on sales and marketing - let us "power" you!

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The Most In-Depth and Comprehensive Database and Calculation Technology.

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Helps Every Customer Acquire the Perfect Vehicle From Your Inventory.

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Eliminate the Disconnect Between Payments Quoted Online and In-Store.

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Realize Maximum Profit on Each Deal.

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Why Market Scan?

Because experience matters! We have been a market leader since 1988 and are on a mission to stay ahead of the competition - to your benefit!

Increase Desking Speed and Accuracy.

In just a few seconds you can create your customer a presentation showing 32 lease and purchase options along with a cash deal AND One-Pay lease options.

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Data Integrity.

ONLY Market Scan tracks every lender and every program, every rebate - every parameter, policy and factor that can influence an automobile lease or retail finance transaction.

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Increase Profits and Lease Penetration.

ONLY Market Scan enables you to dramatically – and simultaneously – increase lease penetration, net profit and customer satisfaction.

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Hundreds of Thousands in Savings!

There is no need for you to spend your investment and resources on developing reliable data and a sub-standard calculation engine; we have you covered. Let us "power you" so you can focus on consumer marketing and sales.

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Market Scan Powers Roadster

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Market Scan and Motoinsight Form Strategic Partnership

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“If you're not using Market Scan, it’s costing you money.”

Paul Ciriello, General Sales Manager, Cadillac of Mahwah

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Market Scan Online E-Academy

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We offer a comprehensive curriculum for new hires and seasoned sales executives, designed to turn you into an expert in using our programs. Training is flexible to meet your skills, needs - and your schedule.

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Live Online Training.

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Activation Training.

We are offering industry-leading Desking and analytics tools which put you in the driver's seat and in a position of control to maximize your ROI as well as giving your customers the best experience.