Market Scan’s mScanAPI® technology is the Gold Standard by which all others are measured.

Real-time, optimal, 100% accurate automotive payments are available through a simple-to-integrate API. Both REST and SOAP protocols are fully supported.

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Market Scan has ALL the Data

Every parameter, policy & factor that can influence an automotive transaction is accurately represented in the industry’s most timely, accurate, and comprehensive dataset.

No Bandwidth Limitation

Distributed across several geographical locations, our cloud-based APaaS™ solution provides unparalleled response time, performance, and reliability.

Real-Time, On-Demand Calculations

On-the-fly settings changes are instantly reflected, eliminating unnecessary delays caused by nightly batch processes.

Multiple Subscription Levels and Pricing Models

When it comes to payment solutions, there is no “one size fits all”. mScanAPI® subscription levels and pricing options are designed to meet the needs of everyone. From Startup tech companies to Multi-Billion Dollar enterprises, there is an mScanAPI® solution that meets all needs.

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