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Improve Market Positioning with Data-Driven Decisions

Gain a competitive edge with real-time, detailed payment analytics to make smarter decisions and enhance your bottom line.

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Optimize your spend while maximizing the impact of your sales programs.


Gain instant market analytics and actionable insights to quickly adapt and improve your competitive position.


Access the latest and most comprehensive data for precise payment calculations.


Benefit from comprehensive coverage of all published lease and finance programs for nearly every OEM and model in the U.S.

Calculate vehicle payments with all sales program details, including rules specific to ZIP codes.


Competitive payment analysis between vehicles.

Enhance decision-making in a complex and dynamic market with sophisticated, real-time competitive payment analysis.

  • Gain access to detailed competitor payments and market insights through daily electronic data capture and robust cloud computing.

  • Utilize extensive datasets to understand market variances and optimize OEM incentive strategies, with all sales program details tailored to specific locales.

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Competitive payment analysis between lenders.

Strategically grow your market share and create targeted programs that optimize spend and maximize market impact.

  • Analyze the competitiveness of vehicle payments in real-time, with insights into every component influencing payments.

  • Streamline market analysis and develop more competitive programs with comprehensive lease and finance program coverage.

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“mGauge helps us find where we can gain a $10-$15 competitive advantage by tweaking money factors.”

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Discover how Market Scan helps OEMs and lenders achieve a competitive edge with detailed market insights.

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