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Automotive Digital Retail API

Market Scan’s Automotive Payments as a Service (APaaS™) Solution is the Gold Standard by which all other automotive digital retail API solutions are measured.

Reduce time to market and minimize your investment in technology by easily integrating Market Scan’s mScanAPI® retail API technology.

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Market Scan can save you years of development and millions in technology investments so you can go to market in no time.

10,500+ retailers and dealerships rely on Market Scan’s® APaaS®technology platform and mScanAPI® to power their service or product, which have one thing in common: It’s all about being able to calculate a monthly payment that is personalized for the consumer.

There are a lot of factors and data that must be considered – correctly – to quote dynamic car payments. By seamlessly combining Science, Technology, and Data, Market Scan can provide you with the API feed you need to do exactly that.

Calculating Car Payments Accurately every time

Providing consumers with transparent, accurate, consistent, and ultra-competitive payment quotes at every point of their journey ensures a satisfying buying experience from online shopping through delivery!

Create the ultimate Consumer Experience by calculating car payments accurately for every shopper with our Scientifically Perfect Payment Solutions™ – every time.

Provide Consumers multiple Lease & Finance Options simply by providing a VIN

mScanAPI®’s VIN specific API makes it simple for any Digital Retailing automotive platform to easily integrate multiple payment options for consumers. All that is required is a VIN and a consumer scenario, Market Scan does all the heavy lifting.

Provide Consumers multiple Vehicle Options based on their Budget – sorted by “best bang for their buck”

mScanAPI® empowers any Automotive Retail Technology to instantly answer the common question “What Can I Drive???” based on a consumer’s budget and geographic location. Digital Retailers now can provide consumers with optimal vehicle options within a desired radius with Market Scan’s award-winning automotive digital retailing solutions.

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Let us show you how our automotive digital retail API – mScanAPI® can be integrated into your planned or existing automotive retail technology.

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