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Automotive Incentive Management and Rebate Analytics

Real-time Vehicle Payment Analytics based on current Market Conditions

Market Scan is the only company in the automotive industry offering Auto Lender and OEM incentive and rebate analytics solutions based on current automotive market conditions. Curated in collaboration with Lenders and OEMs; from off-the-shelf to custom solutions, the sky’s the limit!

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Market Scan’s analytics solutions are industry exclusive. By assessing market support programs in real-time, OEMs and lenders are empowered to capture market share without spending millions in auto incentives, rebates, and subvention support, unnecessarily.

Make Scientifically Perfect Payment™ decisions every time

Optimize rebate, incentive, and market subvention spend by making Scientifically Perfect Payment™ decisions for every customer on every vehicle in every market. Increase competitiveness nationally, regionally, and locally!

Don’t overspend for Market Share

Gain desired market share for the exact right price, without overspending. Compete optimally to achieve desired market share.

There is a Reason why the Windshield is Bigger than The Rear-View Mirror

Quit spending millions of dollars on inaccurate guidance based on historical data. Make insightful and profitable decisions dynamically, based on current conditions – in REAL TIME. Don’t design auto rebate and incentive support programs based on what happened last month when our OEM software and payment analytics will demonstrate how competitive you are right now and what your auto rebates and incentives should be to achieve your desired market penetration.

Eliminate Guess-Work and avoid Errors in creating competitive Offerings

Stop wasting millions of dollars on ineffective campaigns that don’t move the needle. Market Scan’s incentive and rebate analytics solutions precisely assess the competitive position and scientifically determine the exact spend necessary to properly influence a consumer’s purchase decision.

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Let us show you how our automotive Payment Analytics Solutions will provide you with invaluable real-time market insight to compete optimally.

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