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Market Scan has been the Industry Leader in Desking Technology for over 30 Years

Market Scan’s mDesking® solution is the Gold Standard by which all others are measured and Market Scan’s mDrive® solution is in a class all by itself.

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mDesking® provides Scientifically Perfect Payment Solutions™ – every time for every Customer!

mDesking® is the most advanced sales management and desking solution ever created. When negotiating payments, an mDesking® user is always in a position of control.

mDesking® complements the Dealer’s existing Sales Process and offers unequaled Benefits

mDesking® improves dealer’s profitability & competitiveness, shortens sales transactions, eliminates errors, raises lease penetration, improves closing ratios, and improves CSI scores.

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mDrive® App represents a Paradigm Shift in Modern Retailing

The award-winning customer engagement and mobile app, mDrive®, complements dealer’s current sales process and delivers a much enhanced retail experience for the consumer.

mDrive® dramatically improves the consumer experience by instantly answering the impossible Question – “What Can I Drive???”

mDrive® is a breakthrough, modern retailing marvel, that empowers the sales executive to present any consumer with a list of vehicles that meet his or her criteria and preferences – literally from anywhere using any mobile device.

The combination of mDesking® and mDrive® ensures absolute Precision in Automotive Retailing.

By combining the industry’s leading sales management and desking solution with the mobile functionality of mDrive®, any dealership can provide consumers with a superior modern retailing experience.

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