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mDesking® 360 combines our core data and calculation technology competencies, leveraging the power of mDrive®; the result is the most powerful and advanced digital retailing/desking solution in the market – bar none.

The feature functionality modules within mDesking® 360 is where the magic happens; the combined power of these modules is what makes mDesking® 360 a benchmark desking solution in the industry:

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mDesking® is the only desking solution that mines, tracks and analyzes billions of combinations and iterations of lease and finance lender programs available in the marketplace.

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Payment options taking all factors into account.

Why mDesking®?

The benefits for dealers and customers are truly unmatched in the industry:

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mPortal® empowers you to control your entire in-store and online quoting presence – from any source. mPortal® eliminates the disconnect often seen with payments quoted through third-party applications or websites, ensuring Penny Certain™ accurate representation of your inventory, across all platforms. It’s your inventory – shouldn’t you control how your cars are being quoted?! mPortal® gives you that ability, and control!

mPortal® Gives You Easy Control of All Critical Factors

ALL of your fees, packs, specific mark-ups, as well as your lender relationships

ALL of each of your lender’s specific programs and rules

ALL available rebates and incentives, and all of the compatibility rules and VIN-specific logic

ALL taxation rates and calculation methodologies for all markets in which you operate (and your consumers reside)

ALL possible consumer credit scenarios.

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The award-winning mDrive® represents a true paradigm shift in modern retailing as it dramatically improves the sales executive-consumer dynamic. With some very basic customer information, your sales associate can immediately present your 1st pencils (controlled by sales mgt.) to the customer on a tablet or mobile phone. You can now dynamically serve up exact, all-inclusive and transactable payments on the vehicle of your customer’s choice in your inventory that meet the customer’s criteria. With a Payment Value Index® (PVI®) sort option, vehicles will be displayed and ranked by the best value.

Powered by the mobility element, mDrive® enables you to generate those payment quotes for your customer no matter where you are. That in and onto itself makes mDrive® a breakthrough, modern retailing marvel! It sets a new standard in automotive retailing and helps every customer acquire the perfect vehicle from your inventory.

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mQuote® it the industry’s first fully digital and completely interactive multiple-pencil offer presentation and negotiation tool. It revolutionizes the dealership showroom sales process and dramatically improves customer satisfaction.

The Benefits Associated with Using mQuote® Are Significant:

  • Present professional and fully-interactive multiple-offers to your customer – in the showroom, on the lot or on the test drive
  • Your sales management maintains control, becomes far more efficient and extends the reach and power of mDesking®
  • Your store will be more competitive, more accurate, more compliant and more transparent
  • Because of transparency, customers tend to say “Yes” sooner, preserving gross profit
  • Never leave a customer unattended
  • Eliminate “showrooming” calls to competitors
  • Dramatically improve the overall customer experience, raise CSI scores and increase number of referrals
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Our solutions provide the data, intelligence, and technology to serve up complete, all-inclusive, fully-transactable, fundable and defendable, VIN-specific consumer payments. Let us show you how!

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