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Market Scan’s Automotive Payments as
a Service
(APaaS™)                         Solution is the Gold Standard by which all others are measured

Reduce time to market by easily integrating Market Scan’s mScanAPI® technology

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Create the ultimate Consumer Experience by providing every Shopper a Scientifically Perfect Payment Solution™ – every time.

Providing consumers transparent, accurate, consistent and ultra-competitive payment quotes at every point of their journey ensures a satisfying buying experience from online shopping through delivery!

Provide Consumers multiple Lease & Finance Options simply by providing a VIN

mScanAPI® makes it simple for all Digital Retailing technologies to easily integrate multiple payment options for consumers. All that is required is a VIN and a consumer scenario, Market Scan does all of the heavy lifting.

Provide Consumers multiple Vehicle Options based on their Budget – sorted by “best bang for their buck”

mScanAPI® empowers any Digital Retailing technology to instantly answer the common question “What Can I Drive???” based on a consumer’s budget and geographic location. Digital Retailers now have the ability to provide consumers with optimal vehicle options within a desired radius.

Go to market faster – much faster – with easily integrated technology

Our technology is the most advanced in the industry. It is also the most approachable and easily integrated. We provide you with a dedicated team to guarantee your success.

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Let us show you how mScanAPI® can be integrated into your planned or existing technology and save your company millions in technology investment and years of development

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